Top 5 Square One Condos for 2016

Downtown Mississauga continues to grow at an extremely fast pace. New condominiums are being constructed every year and the Square One Shopping Centre is undergoing a renaissance into a luxury shopping location. New restaurants, bars and entertainment are opening as well. This is great news for residents as the Square One area is slowly becoming a proper downtown core. With so many options for buildings to choose from, this list will round out the top 5 Square One condos for 2016. The good thing about downtown Mississauga is most buildings are high quality to begin with, this makes it easy to focus on your personal criteria, without worrying about purchasing in a failing condominium. One of the primary reasons for this is that the entire Square One condo market has only involved a handful of developers, meaning quality is much easier to come by.

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The Onyx Condo located at 223 Webb Dr continues to hold the top position in terms of desirability. The Onyx Condo is extremely well managed and has maintained nearly flat maintenance fees since initially completed, this bodes well for residents and is a sign of proper management procedures. Taking a look at our Condo Reviews page shows 223 Webb Dr at the top of the list. The sleek finishes, functional layouts and sophisticated demographics within are some of the reasons why this is the top building in the area. Mississauga lofts are becoming ever more popular and as of publishing this article, the Onyx Condo is the only Square One condo which offers lofts on low and high floors (above the 9th floor). This makes for a truly unique product, combine this with the convenient amenities and unobstructed South views and you get as close to perfection as possible.

The City Gate condos make the top 5 Square One condos for 2016 list due to their unique setup. Both buildings have all inclusive maintenance fees which is a growing rarity. Another feature which is becoming more popular is the one bedroom + den configuration with 2 washrooms. These types of layouts are not common in the latest buildings and tend to offer spacious square footage without the higher price tags carried by two bedroom units. The maintenance fees here overall are quite low considering electricity is bundled within. For people looking to purchase units with larger layouts and the ability to upgrade finishes, these two buildings are some of the best within which to do so. As with the Onyx Condo, 220 Burnhamthorpe Rd W and 3939 Duke of York Blvd offer lofts within. The layouts vary greatly and there are some truly large loft floorplans here. The lofts at City Gate I and City Gate II are on the lower floors only except for a few select top floor suites.

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Coming in next on the top 5 Square One condos for 2016 is 388 Prince of Wales Dr. The One Park Tower is a tall and grand building with iconic gargoyles adorning the upper floor corners. The entrance courtyard feels like a royal, gothic castle entrance the lobby exudes grandeur with the high ceilings and pillars throughout. This building has low maintenance fees and large units available. It is a relatively quiet Square One condo that also provides plenty of amenities within the structure. Following the trend this year of 1 bedroom + den, 2 washroom layouts being popular, specific floorplans at 388 Prince of Wales Dr offer the perfect layout. Some of the East facing units having these layouts offer completely private balconies with great views of downtown Mississauga. If you enjoy grand, classical style and a well managed, quiet and more mature building, One Park Tower is a great choice.

The Chicago Condo offers some of the best 1 bedroom + den, 2 washroom layouts on the top 5 Square One condos for 2016 list. This building exudes a mature and stately vibe with an intimate feeling. It has a very distinct Condo Aura which makes it a desirable choice. The floorplans are very functional and the management runs the place well. Being centrally located, 385 Prince of Wales Dr also benefits from the Precise Location Variable. The amenities are well designed and laid out with the large outdoor terrace space allowing for a prime place for residents to relax and mingle. The real benefit however is within the unit layouts themselves, good living areas and proportions really do craft a difference when comparing Square One condos. The Chicago Condo is here because of these floorplans and the tasteful design as a whole.

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Continuing along the top 5 Square One condos for 2016 are the Crystal Condos. These two towers situated at 75 Eglinton Ave W and 55 Eglinton Ave W are just north of the main Square One core. Being a pretty much brand new building means the design is contemporary and very in tune with today’s standards. Although the price points are slightly higher when compared to other Mississauga condominiums, the Crystal Condos offer functional layouts and great, unobstructed views. The grand entrance welcomes visitors into a clean lobby that’s like a modern rendition of the scale seen at 388 Prince of Wales Dr. Being a mainly owner occupied building means the Crystal Condos provide a stable environment and overall the demographic here is of a sophisticated vibe. As this particular area continues to grow with the addition of the Amber Condos, Hurontario/Eglinton will grow to become one of the main hubs within downtown Mississauga.

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This completes the brief look at the top 5 Square One condos for 2016. As mentioned in the introduction, depending on your needs and personal tastes, there are plenty of other great Square One condos, you can begin browsing them and filtering via your preferred lifestyle on SquareOneLIFE. These buildings listed above are all unique and offer specific benefits, however it’s always best to reach out to local professionals with questions during your buying research, feel free to contact us anytime.

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