Luxury Square One Condos – What makes a condo luxurious?

The downtown Mississauga condo market offers plenty of buildings that range from older construction high-rises with large suites, to modern, minimalistic oriented combinations. Among this wide range of Square One condos you’ll find a select few buildings that stand out and can truly be labelled as luxury Square One condos. To obtain this status a condominium building needs to master several points and continuously exude this air of exclusivity, most of the factors are within control of the designers, however some influencing points can’t be controlled. Luxury Square One condos are limited to just a handful of buildings that have this designation. Although many of the condos in general are modern enough to fulfil most peoples requirements, these ones go above and beyond.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight luxury square one condos luxury mississauga condos

Before diving in and directly exploring the different luxury Square One condos, a quick introduction is required. This article topic goes hand in hand with the flagship website launch of IVAN Real Estate, the brand behind the creation and services offered by SquareOneLIFE. The focus of the flagship site is on the luxury areas populating the various lakeside regions, specifically the Platinum Belt. Since the site is luxury themed, it made sense to take a quick look at the luxury side of the Square One condo marketplace as it’s a topic that’s not covered quite often. When you truly break down the luxury Square One condos you are left with essentially just four developments that fit the title. There are a few runner ups that embody most of the factors which classify a condo as a luxury establishment, these will be covered as well. Surprisingly, most of the newer developments don’t quite feature that opulent design palette. With all the discussed luxury Square One condos, you can click the condo title to be taken to the in-depth SquareOneLIFE Condo Profiles for further details.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight ivan real estate luxury square one condos

Skymark Condos – 25 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, 35 Kingsbridge Garden Circle

To start the round-up of luxury Square One condos, we’ll take a look at the oldest in the selection. The Skymark Condos where built in 2000 and offer a true hotel experience. The lobby is grand in a traditional sense with stone flooring and water fountain feature in the centre of the two storey space. This impacting entranceway sets the tone for the entire Skymark Condos experience. With a great selection of amenities and high level of security, this is considered by some to be the epitome of luxury Square One condos. The only main drawback is the condo is located north of the central Square One downtown area and therefore doesn’t benefit from the Precise Location Variable. The condo units themselves are typically upgraded and exude the same level of grandeur as the common areas within this building, however given the age some units do feel dated.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight 25 kingsbridge garden 35 kingsbridge graden skymark condos luxury square one condos mississauga1
luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight 25 kingsbridge garden 35 kingsbridge graden skymark condos luxury square one condos mississauga

Ovation Condos – 3880 Duke of York Blvd, 3888 Duke of York Blvd

The Ovation Condos were built by Tridel in 2004 an really embody timeless design. The exteriors of the building feature a sort of muted brown/grey façade that seems to have been quite popular around this time period. However when you enter the presence of the dual waterfalls and raised, circular driveway, the luxurious soul of this condominium becomes apparent. Walk up to the hotel inspired reception doors and you are immediately greeted by the security presence. If you have luggage, the concierge provides carrying services, just like at a five star hotel.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight ovation condos 3880 duke of york 3888 duke of york luxury square one condo

The Ovation Condos also feature a two story grand lobby similar to the one at the Skymark Condos, although clad in a modern design scheme that looks as if it was built yesterday. Units within range in size and finishes given the age, but most have been updated and will please even the most discerning buyer. The Ovation Condos are within the Precise Location Variable zone and also provide extensive amenities including a bowling alley! For those people who truly want arguable the best of the luxury Square One condos, then this address could be the choice for you.

This pick of the luxury Square One condos is one of the most iconic downtown Mississauga condo buildings. Until the Absolute Condos were constructed, the Gothic inspired lines and appointments on the One Park Tower Condo took the spotlight. This towering structure provides grand scale in the heart of downtown Mississauga. The entrance and overall presence gives a strong sense of sophistication and futurism, while surprisingly keeping traditional and classical design inspirations. The unique lounge location on the upper floors gives residents an amazing social space. Prices tend to be higher within this luxury Square One condo and the units themselves offer a mix of sizes, finishes and upgrades. For something modern, but that still retains the classic style, the One Park Tower condo is an excellent luxury choice.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight 388 prince of wales one park tower luxury square one condos

Onyx Condo – 223 Webb Dr

The Onyx Condo is the embodiment of luxury, chic and sophistication. The Onyx Condo was built in 2010 by Davies-Smith Developments and forms the last phase of their four tower downtown Mississauga development. The style within features dark stone walls and a truly rich atmosphere. In a previous SquareOneLIFE article it was discussed how important the Condo Aura is and 223 Webb Dr provides an example of the perfect modern luxury aura. The units themselves offer various styles with updated finishes. There are also lofts within this luxury Square One condo which do exist in Mississauga, but only a select few buildings offer them. The Onyx Condo is personally my favourite of the luxury Square One condos and really offers a fantastic mix of amenities, tasteful design, convenient location and great suite variety.

luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight onyx condo 223 webb dr luxury square one condo
luxury square one condos Luxury Square One Condos – Overview and Insight 223 webb dr onyx condo luxury real estate luxury mississauga condo penthouse1


The above discussed luxury Square One condos accomplish everything a proper, high-end condominium should. The most difficult of which is to retain a good demographic. It is this final facet that is usually out of the control of the developers. The people who occupy the condo set the tone for the aura and experience. Although there are several additional condos that are classified as luxury, it is these four that truly are the crème-de-la-crème of the batch. For further details about each of these luxury Square One condos, or for professional real estate services, feel free to contact SquareOneLIFE.

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