Absolute World – The Marilyn Monroe Condo Towers

Toronto has the CN Tower, Niagara has the falls, and now Mississauga has a world class feature to add to its growing list of distinct attractions. The Absolute World Towers, also nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe towers due to their curves were completed in 2011 and add a very unique new feature to the Mississauga skyline. They are now the tallest free standing structures in Mississauga (Previously held by the former St Lawrence cement plant smokestack for  about 50 years) and are packed with luxurious amenities.

The Absolute project began with the construction of 3 towers which had nice modern lines and gratuitous amenities but were not very distinct, they were simply just “3 more condo projects” which popped up during the condominium boom, you can view more info here. But mayor Hazel Mccallion wanted to add a distinct finishing touch to this project which is located at Burnhampthorpe and Hurontario, one of the main intersections of the city. An international design competition was launched in 2006, the first of its kind since the competition for the Toronto city hall design was held. Eventually Yansong Ma, the founder of the MAD design office won the competition and the brilliant design you see today was built.

The two towers are 50 and 56 stories tall and feature a plethora of interior features, including a 30,000 square foot recreation centre which is currently one of only two of that size within the city. All the suites come with top of the lines finishes, appliances and of course views! The luxury penthouses are phenomenal as well with 10′ soaring ceilings and beautiful vistas. The parking garage even features a car wash!

Maintenance fees are at a reasonable rate and with this you get 24 hour security, a juice bar in the gym, 5 guest suites which you can book for visiting friends/family, an amazing SkyLounge and both indoor/outdoor pools. The list goes on and on and you can find all the details on our Marilyn Monroe Condominium Database page.

If you want more information, or are interested in purchasing a condo inside this landmark building, feel free to contact us!

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