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SquareOneLIFE was developed and created by Ivan Ciraj to help provide the most succinct and rich resource for Square One condos in downtown Mississauga. In today’s internet driven age it is important for people to be able to access key information easily and quickly. SquareOneLIFE offers this by featuring full condo building profiles that present detailed and insightful information. The ability to sort through the buildings based on your preferred lifestyle is a unique and bespoke feature that is found on this site. Moving beyond simply providing information, SquareOneLIFE, through the IVAN Real Estate brand offers professional representation services for buying, selling or leasing real estate. A dedicated and trusted business that places client success at the foremost of all goals. This brief personal introduction is just the tip of the SquareOneLIFE experience, head over to the home page to begin your journey.

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